Day 2 – Relationship Challenge (Kindness)

Today is day two of the Relationship Challenge. I hope that you had a chance to use encouragement yesterday to try and lift someone up and motivate them in a positive manner. The point that I want to get across in several of these exercises is that sometimes the little things can make all the difference in the world. If you work on┬áthese little things and they become natural instinct for you, they can make a substantial difference in any and all of your relationships. As we go forward, don’t forget the exercises from the past days, but incorporate them also.

Everyone in society is in a rush to get somewhere, get something done or accomplish something. This usually results in less time and more stress then there was years ago. There are many times that individuals can have a short temper and not treat others as they would want to be treated themselves. This leads into todays exercise of kindness. There are many times that it doesn’t take any more energy or time to be kind to someone compared to treating them poorly. It does require some self control and thinking to initiate a different response than you may be use to though.

Todays challenge is to participate in at least one act of kindness for someone. This could be as simple as helping someone with something, getting something for them, appreciating them for something they have done or about anything else that they could perceive as a kind gesture. The key is to do it because you want to and it is on your heart to do it, not because you feel obligated to do it. If you work on this it will have an impact on others and therefor over time, will impact you.