Day 1 – Relationship Challenge (Encouragement)

Today is the start of the Relationship Challenge. The one thing to keep in mind while going through this is that when you think positive, positive things happen. If you go about thinking negative, you can always find negative things to dwell on. This can pertain to all aspects of your life, not just relationships. People usually relate positive to encouraging.

Through my observations and talking with couples and people in general, I have come to the conclusion that we are leaning towards a self absorbed society and everyone is worried about themselves with sometimes little or no thought for others. So this leads us into Day 1 of the Relationship Challenge. Today’s challenge is to find something to encourage someone with. If they have done something right, then encourage them. If they have a positive characteristic that you admire, encourage them. If they need some motivation to work towards a goal or need to get something done, encourage them.

This needs to be approached in a loving manor and with the intent of getting nothing in return. The object is to work on lifting someone else up today. Everyone needs encouragement. We are so quick to judge and be demeaning to others sometimes, but how quick are we to actually jump in and encourage them?

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